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APOSTILLEONLINE.COM! Provides Corporations, LLC, LLP & Individuals with Professional Entrepreneurial Services. We will assist you your documents or affidavits in getting international recognition for  prepared for use in a foreign country. We will acquire an Apostille or get a Embassy Stamp or Consular Stamp to Legalize your document.

If you live or work around the New York City or Long Island area, we will pick up your document from your office or home and return it with an Apostille by the end of the Day

We take pride that your documents will be handled in a professional, and safely. Your document will always be safe with us.


The cost of for an Apostille certificate is $200 for the first Apostille, for all Same Day 24 hour Apostille work.
Any additional Apostille that with the same notary stamp & going into the same return envelope is $50 each
All documents receive Same Day Apostille Service & Free local area pick-up, Free Domestic Return Mail or Free local Courier delivery.

For Expedited  Same Day, within 8-12 hours, Service add $50

Domestic return Express Mail delivery add $25 to the cost. 
International delivery fee is is an extra $40
There are no other additional charges for an Apostille.

The Total  cost for multiple Apostille that have the same notary stamp

Send your:
  1. Cover Letter, (include country of use, return address, email, phone #, amount of funds paid or included)
  2. Check (payable to Notary & Apostille Service)
  3. Documents &  to the address list in the footer below

US Department of State Authentication 

The cost of for an U.S. Department of State Authentication depends on how fast you want your documents returned.
The US State Department process is very slow, I would recommend using the expedited courier service for a faster turn around time.

Send your documents to the address list in the footer below

The cost for Documents for a US Department of State Authentication

For document that already have the Secretary of State Authentication, FBI or DOJ Raised Seal & Signature.

Speed of Service (business days)

Other fees

Postage is not included in the above price. For postage rates read below.

Other Fees

Mail / Post Options

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Domestic mail delivery options

International mail delivery options:

Delivery (average business days)

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